$1 million price points? Valuing gene therapies

Advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs) such as gene therapies have been pushing the limits for what providers and commissioners are willing to pay for access to truly innovative medicines. It has been argued that gene therapies can provide a life-long curative treatment, which can significantly reduce costs in the long-term and therefore justify their price points.

Spark Therapeutics has recently argued their case for valuing their gene therapy, Luxturna, at over $1 million, which has recently been recommended for approval by a regulatory advisory panel for the treatment of a hereditary form of blindness.

The current payor landscape is not ideally suited to commission such treatments. However, with the increasing number of gene therapies gaining regulatory approval, the market access environment is shifting towards more risk-sharing agreements, to provide ATMPs a chance to demonstrate their value while improving patient access to new, innovative treatments.

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Published 17. November 2017 in News EU