GSK accelerates drug discovery with pioneering Artificial Intelligence

The ever-growing challenges in developing new drugs to bring to market are set to be slashed with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. GSK is reported to be exploring the potential of AI to improve efficiencies in the drug discovery process.

When AI systems – complex software run on supercomputers – process and digest large databases of old clinical trials and research journals, they not only do so at a remarkable speed, AI machines can also identify relationships in data, which a human being may not detect. The potential in improving efficiencies of the research process would be highly beneficial for predicting the capabilities of potential new drugs which may otherwise have been missed and held back by traditional systems, human brain capacity and memory. Harnessing AI systems are hoped to achieve reductions in the average initial timeline in drug discovery from five years to one, thereby saving time and money.

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Published 23. October 2017 in News