Digitising PPRS Update

The DH is looking to digitise the PPRS and has initiated a testing phase with a few companies. The original intention was to implement the new system in April 2017 but the date has been pushed back to allow for additional testing. The implementation of the new system will now commence from mid-May with the aim to be completed by the end of June.

It will start with those companies who have offered their testing support and only after the successful completion of extensive checks by DH and BSA will roll-out commence across all other PPRS companies. Companies will be individually advised, in advance, when this will take place and will be provided with full implementation and operating instructions. Details will be issued to each company providing providing the instructions about when you will be able to access the system and comprehensive operating instructions.

2017 Quarter 1 Returns

For the 2017 Quarter 1 unaudited PPRS payment sales report, the DH are asking all companies to complete their excel spreadsheets and company declaration and submit as normal to the Department by 30 April and send to the Independent Third Party (BDO). Companies will receive the quarterly return details early next week.

Dual Running

The DH is asking all PPRS companies to partake in dual running of the original and digital system for Q1, submitting their data through the current and the on-line system to enable the DH and BSA to undertake a full system and data check.

Data Cut-Off Date

All the historical data for each company will be pre-loaded onto the system. In order to do this effectively there needs to be a cut-off date for submission of revised returns in the current excel format. The deadline for receipt of any revised reports is Friday 24 April (the deadline for the quarter 1 submission remains as 30 April).

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Published 7. April 2017 in News UK