CADTH Publishes 4th Edition Guidelines for Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies in Canada

The fourth edition of the Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies: Canada reflects the experience gained through using the previous editions, and takes into account the methodological advancements that have occurred in the economic evaluation of health technologies since 2006.

The development of the fourth edition of the Guidelines proceeded as follows:

  • Guideline topics from the third edition were reviewed to determine areas where methodological advancements had occurred
  • Health economic methods literature was reviewed and health economic experts were consulted
  • Gaps within the topic areas were identified and research was commissioned

The goals in developing the fourth edition of the Guidelines were as follows:

  • to provide clear, concise, and practical guidance of a high standard for researchers
  • to meet the needs of decision-makers for reliable, consistent, and relevant economic information
  • to highlight areas where methodological issues remain unresolved and more research is required
  • to allow for flexibility, innovation, and alternative approaches, particularly where methodological issues are unresolved

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Published 5. April 2017 in News Canada, News UK