No Evidence to Exchange Biosimilars?

Employers in the European pharmaceutical industry (EFPIA worldwide) and (IFPMA) and biotech companies in the European Union (EBE) have issued a statement to establish its position with regard to the exchange between biological and biosimilar , which conclude That, given the multiple factors related to each patient, disease and medication, the decision on the exchange of an original biological by a similar one “should always be in the hands of the specialist, who must choose one option or another depending on each case and always In dialogue with the patient”.

The degree of uncertainty surrounding these products is still high, and doctors “may be pushed to interchange between biologicals to achieve a reduction of costs.” In this regard, they recognise that biosimilars “can play an important role in the sustainability of health systems,” and that “properly used, they can help free up resources to continue investing in new technologies and therapies.” For this reason, they believe that the industry “should contribute to building trust between clinicians and patients about the use of biosimilars,” including “promoting appropriate use and informed decision making.”

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Published 17. March 2017 in News EU