European Parliament Approves Proposal for EC and Member States to Approve of Innovative Drug Prices

The European Parliament has approved (568 votes in favour, 30 negative and 50 abstentions), the proposal from Soledad Cavezón that entails a paradigm shift within the European drug markets. On of the proposals was to establish a legislative framework “so that instead of industry, it is the Commission and the Member States who, based on the added therapeutic value, establish the value of medicines, also taking into account social, ethical and economical factors that ensure access and sustainability of health systems”.

Along with this recommendation, the report also calls for a change in the model of intellectual protection. “It is recognised that its goal is to guarantee innovation but it can not conflict with the right to health. A study has been requested on this and its effects on access,” explains Cabezón. This opens a door to be able to grant compulsory licenses if there is a risk that access will stop at a high price.

Finally, the report approved by the European Parliament also calls for public resources to be combined to lead the way and to conduct research on unmet needs, calling for the first time for the pharmaceutical industry to participate from the point of view of its social responsibility. “We must work on antimicrobial resistance, promote research on cancer and develop paediatric and orphan drugs,” said Cabezón.

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Published 3. March 2017 in News EU, News Spain