SNS Opens Door to Biosimilars with Discounts up to 40%

Biosim, the employer of biosimilar medicines, has celebrated its first national day with the clear objective of influencing the legislature to promote a specific regulation that regulates the arrival of these biological medicines to the National Health System (NHS). The president of BioSim , Joaquín Rodrigo , was clear when explaining Biosim’s wishes “to achieve a specific regulation for biosimilar”.

The criterion of the inter-ministerial commission for generic product prices is that a 40% reduction off of the originator’s price is applied automatically. In this sense, Carlos Lens, deputy general director of Quality of Medicines and Health Products, warned the industry that “if you want a lower price, you have to go through the interministerial price commission, which can accept it or not . In some cases some recent biosimilar has been found with a record of denial resolution. Lens himself praised the competition that comes with the arrival of biosimilars and their contribution to the sustainability of the NHS.

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Published 28. January 2017 in News Spain