The Refund Policy in France is Delaying Patient Access to Treatments

Lung cancer: MSD could waive the placing on the French market of Keytruda®

(Les Echos – October 12, 2016)

The refund policy desired by the French executive could hinder patients’ access to innovative medicines. Les Echos cited the example of Keytruda® (pembrolizumab) immunotherapy US laboratory Merck (MSD in Europe), which notably achieved very good results in terms of survival and improving quality of life for some patients suffering from lung cancer. “Since we have the authorization to market in Europe for the treatment of melanoma for over a year, but still no redemption price, we can not offer Keytruda® temporary authorization for use (ATU) in lung cancer,” laments Cyril Schiever, President of MSD France.

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Published 13. October 2016 in News France