The European Parliament Wants Increased Cooperation on Drug Prices

(EurActiv – September 29, 2016)

The Committee on the Environment (ENVI) will present on the 12 October the European Parliament’s report on access to medicines, reports the website EurActiv. According to the Spanish MEP, Soledad Cabezón Ruiz (S & D), the document recommends the implementation of measures at European level to obtain fair prices for medicines. Parliament should also call on the Commission to “harmonize pricing and reimbursement criteria,” taking into account the progress of innovations and an analysis of the economic and social benefits. MEPs also want greater cooperation between Member States to “share information on prices, refunds, negotiating agreements and best practices and to avoid administrative procedures and unnecessary delays.” Many such agreements have already been signed, especially between the Benelux countries, recently joined by Austria, or between Bulgaria and Romania. According to the Bulgarian Health Minister, Petar Moskov, regional cooperation will allow both countries to negotiate all the prices and availability of certain drugs.

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Published 30. September 2016 in News EU