PM Statement on the outcome of the EU referendum and Horizon 2020

A transcript of the PM Statement on the outcome of the EU referendum can be found here

In the debate on the outcome of the EU referendum, the chair of the Commons Science and Technology Committee, Nicola Blackwood asked the Prime Minister about the future of Horizon 2020 funding and the ability for the UK to attract scientific research talent.

The Prime Minister said it was important for the UK to continue to advance its science industry but said it would be one of the issues for the new EU unit to look at.

Daniel Zeichner  also raised a question regarding research funding to which the Prime Minister said contracts won under Horizon 2020 would be upheld:

Daniel Zeichner (Cambridge) (Lab)

Our great research institutions rely heavily on funding through the European Union. The Prime Minister suggests that nothing changes immediately, but for researchers the threat feels immediate and real. What support will he give to people to help them through these uncertain times?

The Prime Minister

The point I can add to what I have said before is that, of course, all contracts will be honoured, so if a British university has won a contract under the Horizon 2020 programme or whatever, that will continue during the life of that contract. Obviously, the key decision post-leaving will be about how we put in place arrangements to safeguard our excellent research facilities and universities.

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Published 30. June 2016 in News UK