New French investment of €47 billion cash to support innovation – subsidies, grants and capital

France has injected €47 billion cash to support innovation – subsidies, grants and capital – and to attract national and international talents. The aim is to boost R&D projects and turn them into viable economical solutions, turning research into products.

This investment program is run independently by the General Commission for Investment (CGI) with an independent compact team of 20 staff members from the Prime Minister’s cabinet, with both corporate & public experience.

The programme has 6 top innovative Instituts Hospitalo-Universitaires (IHU) as starting bases:

  1. Paris – genetic/rare disease(Imagine):
  1. Paris – cardiometabolism and nutrition(ICAN): www.ican-institute/org
  1. Paris – brain & spine(ICM) :
  1. Marseille –  infectuous diseases(Mediterranne infaction) :
  1. Bordeaux – cardiology(LIRYC):
  1. Strasbourg – image-guided invasive hybrid surgery(Mix-Surge):

Thanks to our colleagues at EUCOPE for this update.

Published 9. July 2015 in News France